Daxibus Normandy: A stallion in the making... 

By crossing two legendary European sires: Diamant de Semilly and Galoubet A, Arnaud and Stéphanie de Crèvecoeur aimed at producing a true jumper with good rideability, strength, power and scope.

A flawless bloodline...

         - 2016 and 2015 world #1 showjumper stallion (WBFSH ranking). He is ranked #2 in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

          - Sire of Sires in 2017 (Breeding News)

          - Ranked Elite (SF studbook)

          - Top 1% Holsteiner sire

          - Best Sire of SF young jumpers
          - Best  Sire of SF Dams

            Diamant de Semilly sired (and is still siring!) numerous international showjumpers like:

            Diarado, Don VHP, Emerald, Quickly de Kreisker, Rock’N Roll Semilly, Urano de Cartigny,... the list would be too long to                        mention them  all!

  • Daxibus' dam, Isadora Pinon competed in High AO before being retired after an unfortunate stifle injury at the age of 10.

          She is one of the last direct daughters by the foundation stallion Galoubet A. She is the only daughter of the renowned Grand                 Prix showjumper mare Pinon Lili ridden by Irish rider Damian Gardner and US rider Mandy Porter.  

  • Daxibus has 2 sisters: Con Sopresa (1 year older) who is competing at 1.35m and Con Stellation Normandy who was injured and never competed. 



- Daxibus is now trained by CANDICE KING, Team USA member and International Grand Prix rider

- Summer Kick Off Horse Show $10K 1.35m Mini Prix: placed 11th (first course at this height)

- Summer Kick Off Horse Show Open Jumper 1.25m class: placed 4th
- Summer Kick Off Horse Show 6YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.20m: placed 4th
- Devon 6YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.20m: placed 5th
- Blue Rock Classic 6YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.20m: placed 4th
- St Christopher Horse Show 6YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.20m/1.30m: placed 3rd
- Commonwealth National Horse Show (Hits Culpeper) 6YO Young Jumper Championship 1.25m: placed 2nd, 2nd and 3rd.

- Reserve Champion of the 6YO YJC division
- March Madness II (Aiken, SC): 1.15m classes
- January 2019: 2018 USHJA Horse Of The Year Third place in the 5 year old Young Jumpers section (Zone 3)

​2018: First show season

- Septembre 2018:  Daxibus is approved by the Belgian studbook sBs.
- August 2018: Daxibus is approved by the ISR Oldenburg N.A (Lifetime breeding license)
- June 2018:  Daxibus has the huge honor to be invited to participate in the WBFSH Developing Jumper Exhibition at the 2018    World Equesttrian Games in Tryon, NC. The event was unfortunately cancelled.

  • Daxibus qualified for the 5 YO YJC finale while still being a 4yo. The stallion was born mid July 2013. Due to the distance, Daxibus did not go to the finale.
  • Hits on the Hudson 5YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.15m: Clean round (placed 1st)
  • PJA Jumper Classics 1.0m class: Clean round (placed 8th out of 35)
  • The Ridge At Riverview Spring Series 1.10m speed class: Clean round (placed 2nd)
  • The Ridge At Riverview Spring Series 1.10m speed class: Clean round (placed 3rd)
  • Blue Rock Classic 5YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.10m: Clean round (placed 1st)
  • Blue Rock Classic 1.0m class placed: Clean round (placed 6th)
  • St Christopher Horse Show 5YO Young Jumper Championship Qualifier 1.10m: Clean round (placed 1st)
  • The Ridge at Riverview 0.95m J/O class: Clean round (placed 4th)
  • The Ridge at Riverview 0.95m speed class: Clean round (placed 5th)

- October 2016: Daxibus is approved by the Selle Francais studbook at 3 yo.



​                                                              SELLE FRANCAIS INSPECTION


Daxibus Normandy shows a very good technique with a powerful take-off and a big scope. He is very careful, steady and consistent, with good reflex, balance and bascule.”

Selle Francais Judge


                                                                 OLDENBURG N.A INSPECTION

        "We are very interested in breeding this kind of bloodline in the Oldenburg NA Studbook".

Oldenburg NA Judge

Coming Soon, sorry can't find my notes! :-)

Conformation and temperament:

Daxibus is a fast learner, always eager to please his rider. He exhibits a very good work ethic and is “all business” when he enters the ring.
Daxibus is a beautiful sporthorse showing strength, suppleness and self-confidence. Daxibus is copper chestnut with an expressive and refined head. He has soft eyes, a cute blaze and one large hind sock.

From a conformation standpoint, Daxibus Normandy is everything one can expect from a jumper stallion. He has a well-developed large frame, a good square shape with an adequate length of neck. Loin and gaskin are well connected. His big shoulders and powerful hindquarters complement his nice top-line. Daxibus is definitely built to be a Sire.

Dax' Jumping Technique ( 1.40m slow motion)

The sought after S.F approved stallion plate


Pinon Lili: Daxibus' second dam

Photo credit: Mareish Media

Breeding advice:

Because of his adequate size (16.2hh), excellent conformation and good temperament, Daxibus Normandy is easy to breed. While he suits a wide array of mares, he  however pairs very well with medium-sized compact mares with blood. The first offsprings are born in 2018. Daxibus brings refinement and very good temperament: all foals are refined, curious and very social. Daxibus also throws a lot of interesting markings (see pictures below)

Daxibus is a great choice for mares who need improvement in their front end, canter, take-off and scope, but also temperament and refinement.


Daxibus Normandy

1.25m (April 2019)


SBS Judge

"I am not into breeding but I absolutely want a foal by Daxibus Normandy"  

Candice KING, Team USA member, International Grand Prix rider and "Dax" trainer & pilot


2020 Breeding Season:

​-Live Foal Guarantee Contract: $1,100.00

-Unlimited number of dose for 2 years,

- Frozen only (the stallion is competing)

​- Includes failed embryo transfer,
- Mare replacement option,
​- Discounts for Selle Francais,  Oldenburg GOV          +NA , sBs and performance mares.

- Price by the dose: $450

Daxibus is approved worldwide, please check reciprocity with your mare’s studbook.

"Beautiful stallion, great canter, very good balance, powerful and great jumping technique"


Photo credit: Mareish Media


B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S


Pinon Isadora: Daxibus'  dam

Arnaud (in green) and Stéphanie (in grey) at the SF stallion finale.  Saint Lô, France


(Diamant de Semilly x Galoubet A)

- Selle Français stallion

- 2013 - Copper Chestnut - 16.2 hands

​- Approved: Selle Francais, sBs, Old/ISR NA & Old GOV (lifetime Lic.)

​- WFFS: N/N