B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S


(Diamant de Semilly x Galoubet A)

- Selle Français stallion

- 2013 - Chestnut - 16.2 hands

2018 breeding season: 

Frozen semen only

Live Foal Guarantee: $800.00 (was $1150.00)

Single dose: $300.00 (8 straws)

- No limitation of doses for 2 years,

- Includes failed embryo transfer,

- First shipment included,

- Mare replacement option,
- The frozen semen is top quality,
​- Discounts for Selle Francais  & elite sporthorse mares 

Daxibus Normandy

In hand - At liberty - Free jumping classes

​Spy Coast YHS, July 2015

Conformation and temperament:

Daxibus is a fast learner, always eager to please his rider. He exhibits a very good work ethic and is “all business” when he enters the ring, despite his young age.
Daxibus is a beautiful sporthorse showing strength, suppleness and self-confidence. Daxibus is copper chestnut with an expressive and refined head. He has soft eyes, a cute blaze and one large hind sock.

From a conformation standpoint, Daxibus Normandy is everything one can expect from a jumper stallion. He has a well-developed large frame, a good square shape with an adequate length of neck. Loin and gaskin are well connected. His big shoulders and powerful hindquarters complement his nice top-line.

Breeding advice:

Because of his adequate size (under 17hh), excellent conformation and good temperament, Daxibus Normandy is easy to breed. While he suits a wide array of mares, he  however pairs very well with medium-sized compact mares with blood.
Daxibus is a great choice for mares who needs improvement in their canter, take-off and scope, but also temperament.

​Daxibus is approved worldwide, please check reciprocity with your mare’s studbook.

Daxibus Normandy

Fall 2016 - 3 YO

Ichiban Normandy (Daxibus Normandy x Kannan): Chic, modern and compact, May 2018 (3 days old)


2016 Tryon, SC Stallion show


Daxibus Normandy being in training, it has been decided that in the interest of the stallion's career, Daxibus won't be collected and therefore won't be available in fresh semen this season. We want "Dax" to stay focused on his training and not be disturbed by continuous collections. We apologize for the inconvenience, all pre orders for fresh semen have been cancelled, and we have decided to offer a Live Foal Guarantee option on frozen semen at the amazing price of $800.00. This L.F.G option comes with, we think, a lot of very interesting advantages: No limitations of doses for 2 years, if you loose the embryo in a transfer, we will continue to send you semen, you will have the option to change mare, the frozen semen is very good quality and will be offered in generous amounts. The first shipment is included and discounts are available for Selle Francais and elite mares.

Arnaud (in green) and Stéphanie (in grey with beige trousers) at the Selle Francais stallion finale.

 Saint Lô, France

New Normandy Farm is proudly presenting Daxibus Normandy, a stallion for the passionate breeder who understands that genetics and conformation are key to any successful breeding program.

Daxibus Normandy: A stallion in the making... 
By crossing two legendary European sires, Diamant de Semilly and Galoubet A, Arnaud and Stéphanie de Crèvecoeur aimed at producing a true jumper with good ridability, strength, power and scope over the fences.

  • Daxibus Normandy is a son of Diamant de Semilly, sire of numerous international showjumpers and current world #1 showjumper stallion (2015 and 2016 WBFSH ranking).
  • His dam, Isadora Pinon is by the foundation stallion Galoubet A and the renowned Grand Prix showjumper dam Pinon Lily, Damian Gardner’s lifetime partner.

Diamant de Semilly brings to Daxibus Normandy his great canter, natural balance and super mind, while Galoubet gives him his innate smartness and fighting spirit over the fences.

The French Judge who tested Daxibus said: “Daxibus Normandy shows a very good technique with a powerful take-off and a big scope. He is very careful, steady and consistent, with good reflex, balance and bascule.”
He has three nice gaits: his canter was marked as “excellent” by the Selle Francais judge during the last Selle Francais inspection tour.