Winter Equestrian Festival (Florida)



Birth Year:               2016 
Gender:                     Mare
Registry:                   Selle Francais
Bloodlines:              Diamant de Semilly x Kannan
Height:                      17h
Price:                         SOLD

Remark:                    Geisha is started under saddle (July 2019), a true Diamant de Semilly offspring!  This                                          gentle and tall lady is light and very supple.  She is Grey-Roan (aka Rose Grey )


A modern and refined production:

May 2020 

Nenette Normandy

Urano de Cartigny x Quick Silver x Quick Star

April 2020

April 2020

Birth Year:               2017
Gender:                     gelding
Color:                         Chestnut​ (almost liver)
Registry:                   Selle Francais
Bloodlines:              Mylord Carthago x Contempo (Contenter)
Height:                      16.2 h (will be around)
Price:                         $25-35K

Remark:                   Started under saddle  (April 2020)

Nexus Normandy:

​Daxibus Normandy x Quick Silver x Quick Star

May 2020

Birth Year:               2014 
Gender:                     Mare
Registry:                   Selle Francais
Bloodlines:             Tornesch x Le Tot de Semilly
Height:                      16.2h
Price:                         Please contact us

Remark:                   Feerie is coming from the famous Haras de Semilly in France. She is competing at                                                  1.00 m (4yo class) and is ready for alot more! She has outstanding sire and dam                                                      bloodlines.

Birth Year:               2017
Gender:                     Gelding
Color:                         Bay
Registry:                   Selle Francais
Bloodlines:              Flipper d'Elle x Ideal de la Loge
Height:                      16.1-16.2 h (will be around)
Price:                         $15-25K

Remark:                  Started under saddle (April 2020)


B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S

Birth Year:               2007
Gender:                     Mare
Registry:                   Approved Selle Francais, S.O.F.O
Bloodlines:              Quick Star x Chiron Z (Cor de la Bruyere!)
Height:                      16.1h
Price:                         $5-15K

Remark:                   A very rare younger direct daughter of the legendary Quick Star! Quick Silver competed up                                        to 1.35m but she is tired with competition and is therefore sold as a  broodmare. She can                                        still easily compete in the one meter classes.