Photo: Sportfot 

Hope de la Roche

(Tornesch x Apache d'Adriers)
2017 Selle Francais Filly Champion 

Photo: Hervé Bonnaud - 1clicphoto 

Photo: Sportfot



B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S

Cassinja S

Photo: Tiffany Van Halle 

2017 :

- 2nd CSI 5* Bale,

- 3rd CSI 4* Amsterdam,

- 3rd CSIO 5* Abu Dhabi,

- Winner CSI 5* (Prix Hermès) CSI 5* Saut Hermès,

- Winner (Prix de la Ville de Paris) CSI 5* Saut Hermès,

2016 :

- Winner CSIW 5* Bordeaux,

- 2nd CSI 5* Saut Hermès,

2015 :

- Winner CSIO 5* La Baule,

- Winner CSI 5* Chantilly,

- 3rd CSI 5* London,

- Winner CSI 5* Bruxelles, 

- Winner CSI 5* Los Angeles

- Winner CSI 5*-W Oslo

2014 :

- 4th GP CSI 5* Hong Kong,

- 3rd CSI 5* S’Hertogenbosh,

- 5th GP CSI 5* Madrid,

- 3rd GP CSIO 5* La Baule,

- Winner GP CSI 5* Saint-Tropez,

- Clean round CSIO 5* Nation Cup Rotterdam,

- Winner & 7th GP CSI 5* Los Angeles,

- Winner CSIW 5* Oslo ...

Fibonacci de Lessac*HDC 

2018 3YO Selle Français Stallion Champion

MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS: An impressive show record!

Arnaud and Carinjo 9 *HDC (October 2018) 


Because of his harmonious model and average size, Carinjo 9*HDC fits a large array of mares. He passes on his beauty and blood. To date, he has produced only bay horses.

His first crops are already performing on the international jumping scene. In the US, Cassinja S (dam by Cassini I) is ridden by Charlie Jacobs and was finalist at Omaha in 2017.

His first offspring in France are 4YO. They are chic, are exhibiting power and an innate jumping technique.

In 2018, Fibonacci de Lessac*HDC (Carinjo 9*HDC x Bright Silver, XX) won the 3YO Selle Français Stallion Championship.

Carinjo 9 *HDC 
(Cascavelle x Landgraf I)

Holsteiner – 2001 – Bay – 16.2hh

CSIO *****, CSIW

2020 Hippomundo ranking:

World's best sire for “black type” * for horses between the age of 8 and 15. * Horses jumping 1.45m and above.

Mare in foal guarantee contract.

Price per contract: $1850

Carinjo 9*HDC is a beautiful and refined stallion. He shows a lot of power and a remarkable technique over the fences. He has an excellent canter. He has all the qualities sought after in a modern sport horse.

His rider, Patrice Delaveau, said in an interview to Grand Prix Magazine that Carinjo was very respectful and fast, exhibiting lots of blood. He was very competitive in the ring. He was very agile and balanced and had a very good mouth. At home, he didn’t need to repeat the gymnastics or jump a lot; he was a smart horse.

Before his retirement, Carinjo 9*HDC was on the French Equestrian Federation long list for the Olympic Games and WEG. He earned more than EUR1m (about $1.2 million) during his career.

Winner of the Holsteiner Verband 2YO stallion test in Neumünster in 2003, Carinjo was a good winner in CSI with Thomas Voss before being acquired by the Haras des Coudrettes for Patrice Delaveau. In 2010, he was 2nd of Grand Prix “Sires of the World” in Lanaken.

Carinjo 9*HDC has already produced approved stallions such as Carin, Carpino, Cariletto, Chitaro, Coral Beach and Criffindor.

His son, Fibonacci de Lessac*HDC, is the 2018 3YO Selle Français Stallion champion.

His first dam, Exquisite (Holst, Landgraf x Ramiro Z) belongs to the stamm 703 which has produced numerous international winners like Callisto, Zafira, Something Special, Una Caretina, Holsatia 6, Eurocommerce Monaco, Quincy B.... Exquisite has also produced Perfectlady I, dam of the stallion Conner. His second dam Grossfurstin (Holst) also produced Zera, dam of Quincy B, winner in CSIO with Hillary Dobbs. His third dam, Vineta (Holst) comes from the stamm 703 which has produced twenty stallions including Bachus, very good winner in CSI / CSIO with Jos Lansink and the performer Eurocommerce Monaco,good winner in CSIO with Gerco Schröder.

His sire, Cascavelle (Cantus (Caletto I x Cor de la Bryere) x Phaedra (Calando I x Cor de la Bryere) has produced many top stallions like Cascano, Cantano, Eurocommerce New Jersey, Casco. His sire’s first dam, Phaedra (Holst) is the sister of Cagliostro very good winner in CSI. His sire’s second dam, Fangelika (Holst) also produced: Kerrin, dam of Perra who produced A-Cover Girl (CSI), Candyman 17 (CSI), Carthago, great CSIO winner with Jos Lansink and father of many International winners .

2013 :

- Winner CSI 5* Chantilly,

- Winner CSIO 5* Gijon,

- 6th GP CSIO 5* Gijon,

- Winner GP CSIO 5* Barcelona,

- 2nd GP CSIO 5* Lausanne,

- Winner CSI 5* Doha,

2012 :

- 2nd GP CSIO 5* Aachen,

- 3rd GP CSI 3* Spangeberg,

- Winner & 2nd CSI 5* Vienna,

- Winner CSIW 5* Stuttgart,

- 2nd CSI 5* Rio de Janeiro,

- 2nd CSI 5* Paris

2010: 2nd GP “Sires of the World” Lanaken,

2003: Champion of the Holsteiner Verband 2YO stallion test in Neumünster.