- Winner Calgary CSIO5* GP,
- Winner Dublin CSIO5*
- Winner GP CSI Grobbendonk,
- 2nd GP CSI5* Valkenswaard,
- 3rd GP CSI La Coruña,
- 3rd GP CSI Estoril,
- 3rd GP CSIO5* Aachen,
- 3rdGP CSIO5* La Baule…

- Winner GP CSI Estoril,
- 2nd GP CSIW5* London,
- 2nd GP CSI Athens,
- 2nd GP CSI5* Valkenswaard,
- 6th GP CSIO5*…

- Winner GP CSIO Lucerna,
- Winner GP CSIO Rome,
- Winner CSIW Dubai,
- 2nd GP CSI Cannes,
- 2nd CSIO Rome,
- 2nd GP CSIW Wellington...



B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S


- Winner CSIW London
- Winner CSIO Hickstead,
- 2nd GP CSI Belfast,
- 2nd CSIO Calgary,
- 2nd CSIO Dublin,
- 3rd GP CSIO Rome,
- 4th GP CSI Cannes, …

- 2nd GP CSI Chester,
- 3rd GP CSI Birmingham,
- 4th GP CSI Vilamoura…

- Winner CSIO Dublin
- Winner GP CSIW Calgary,
- Winner CSIO Rome,
- Winner GP CSIW Lipsia,
- 2nd GP CSIW Toronto,
- 2nd GP CSI Las Vegas,
- 2nd GP CSIO Calgary
- 3rd GP CSIW Amsterdam,
- 5th GP CSIW Paris …

- Winner GP CSI Sheffield,
- 2nd GP CSIW London,
- 2nd CSIO Rome,
- 2nd GP CSIW Amsterdam,
- 3rd GP CSI Paris,
- 4th CSIO La Baule,
- 10th Athens Olympic Games …


Arko brings his beautiful type to his offspring which are usually very chic. He transmits a long neck, an expressive head and strong hindquarters.
Arko also passes on his strength, his huge scope, and an excellent jumping technique .
He fits mares who are not too heavy and with enough blood. Lighter built warmblood mares with energy would be the best match for him.

Arko III is by the world famous Argentinus, out of Unika and was the #1 showjumper in Europe in 2004, 2005 and 2006 with earnings in excess of £1.2m.
Some of his most notably progeny include Argento, ridden by John Whitaker, who has won over 16 Grand Prix’s himself so far and was the #1 showjumper in the world in 2015, and Aristio, who is jumping internationally with Anthony Condon and Team Ireland.

His sire, Argentinus, produced more than 30 approved stallions with Arko III being considered as the best.
Arko’s dam line goes back to the Dutch mare line 002. This is one of the best sport horse producing families in the world, illustrated by a whole series of international showjumping horses and successful sires such as: Darco (Ludo Philippaerts), Now or Never (Piet Raymakers), Friso (Guido Dominici), Sweet dream (Yann Candele), Chamberlain Z (David McPherson).

Arko III 
(Argentinus x Beach Boy)

Oldenburg – 1994 – Bay – 16.2hh

- CSIO *****, CSIW, Olympic Games

- 2023 WBFSH ranking:34th

- 2022 WBFSH ranking: 83th


- 2023 Leading USEF Hunter Sire: #3

- 2021 Leading USEF Hunter Sire: #2

- 2020 Leading USEF Hunter Sire: #2

- 2019 Leading USEF Hunter Sire: #1

Price per dose:                                $1,550