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B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S

Is the semen in stock?

Yes, absolutely, all the listed semen is in stock, here, in the USA. Otherwise, it would  not be listed.

Where does the semen come from? Is it reliable?

We are breeders like you, the semen we representisthe semen we use. We know too well the disappointment of finding out a mare is not in foal!

All the semen is coming from the stallion’s owners and/or has been successfully analyzed AND tested. We do not represent semen which is below the 35% motility standard. We also monitor official stallions' fertility statistics in France.

We stay away from stallions known to have poor quality semen.

Shipping: N.N.F is on the East coast, I am on the West coast, how much shipping is going to cost?

February 2023: Due to  the increase of shipping rates, round trip shipping will cost $330

 Tank rental is $50.00 (not included in the above price).

You are welcome to send your own tank and/or use your Fedex account if you want to. There will be a $60.00 charge handling fee which include topping your tank off (not fill it up!) if we need to.

Do ship to Canada?

We have done it until 2021 but we do not ship to Canada anymore.

 Do you forward a contract?

No we don’t. The invoice is the contract unless it is a multiple doses breeding contract.

Do you offer Live Foal Guarantee?

More and more of the stallions we represent are available through multi dose contracts.

I am new at breeding, could you help me?

Arnaud (Arnaud/underscore/de/underscore/crevecoeur/at/yahoo.com) is always available to answer any question you would have.

Don’t hesitate to forward us information about your mare, Arnaud will gladly help you select the right stallion.

We know the stallions we import, what we see on TV is artificial, it is the result of years of teamwork. Before being famous, some well-known stallions were in fact “serial stoppers”. We know “the behind the scenes”, how our stallions are in their everyday life at the farm. Do you really want to be stuck with a difficult foal because you did not know the sire was hard to handle?


How did you start representing stallions?

New Normandy Farm was tired of buying questionable semen at crazy prices. Since Europe is our "original turf", we began to import our own semen, always bringing back extra straws for our friends to help us pay for the shipping. Years after years clients kept coming back asking for more stallions so we naturally developed this activity since there was a real need for reliable semen at sensible prices. 


Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, New Normandy Farm LLC makes no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content on this website. New Normandy Farm LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for any error or omissions in the information contained in the website or the operation of the website.  

New Normandy Farm LLC makes no claim as to the viability, fertility or freedom from disease of any frozen semen

Of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions!