B  R  E  E  D  I  N  G     S  H  O  W     R  E  S  U  L  T  S

We believe that horses have a limited jumping capital in their career. Our training process emphasizes a strong flatwork foundation. Not only does dressage develop balance and adjustability but it gives the horses that special mindset that makes the difference in the jumper ring.

We ride our horses with light bits. Yes, some horses can be complicated and can require heavier bits but we believe that engaging in a competition with the horse with harsher bits will absolutely not fix the essence of the problem and will eventually bring more frustration and counter performance to both rider and horse.

We show our horses but we are NOT after the results. We are going to shows to train the horses, to get them accustomed to new places,unknown and technical courses and all kind of stimuli.

We consider that each show is a warm up for you, the future rider. We do not push our horses in order to make them more marketable for the buyer, we want our horses to have a long and successful career. We are not interested in seeing them retired by the time they are 12 because they can’t take it anymore.
If you think the horse you bought from us does not correspond to what we told you, when specified in the purchase agreement, we will gladly buy it back (some conditions apply!). Our horses are important to us and we would not let one go if we think he or she is not the right winning partner for you anyway.
Breeding and training Sport Horses is a passion, we do it because we love it and before any other consideration

Selecting the right stallion is important but we also put a huge emphasis on selecting the best dam bloodlines as both are complementary. The mare is the foundation but the stallion gives the edge. Our foundation broodmares have been imported from France, or are from imported bloodlines. Being a very selective breeder, we have a small nucleus of broodmares of outstanding genetic quality.
We produce only a handful of foals every year.  Foals are handled from minute 1. All youngsters are socialized, manipulated and trained from an early age.
All the horses spend a lot of time in pastures, in the interest of the horse and its results, it is critical he can spend some times every day simply being a horse. Keeping a horse locked in a stall is counterproductive. Yes there are some risks keeping a horse outside but researches show they do not outgrow health risks occurring to horses kept in stalls.